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PAUSE Training Service
Moorhead, MN
(701) 840-0820

Welcome to the PAUSE Training Service Website. The content of our website changes often. Please feel free to visit our site for the latest information and the newest links to hazardous materials products.

PAUSE Training Service was established in 2001 as an on-site training company for First Responders. PAUSE Training Service has been involved in Hazardous Materials training in North Dakota and Minnesota since its inception. Hundreds of First Responders have now been trained to identify, react, and safely deal with hazardous materials emergencies. 

PAUSE Training Service has customized training available for many disciplines including Fire Service, EMS, and First Receivers. Participating members include those individuals from the Fire Service, EMS, Hospital, Law Enforcement, DEM, Air Ambulance, and Hazardous Materials Responders.

PAUSE Training Service is pleased to announce that its Hazardous Materials Operations Level Initial Training and Refresher Training programs are now booking training dates for the 2014 season.

The initial training package includes eight (8) hours of classroom training which fulfills the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 standards for Emergency Responders. Students participating in the classroom session shall receive a student  manual and a certificate of completion when the standards are met.

Annually mandated recertification training is also available. Training is customizable to your department's specific hazardous materials equipment or you can choose to participate with PAUSE Training Service's equipment.


Simulated non-ambulitory victim decontamination using a North American Rescue Products Inc. Raven litter, Charlie's Horse Deployment System wheelset, Miti Manufacturing Decon Spray Hoop, and Andax Stretcher De-con pool.